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Simpler, faster, easier dynamic website development based on new additions to an established and proven technologythat's what JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.0 is all about. Pro JSP, Third Edition is the most comprehensive guide and reference to JSP 2.0 yet. It equips you with the tools, techniques, and understanding you need to develop web applications with JSP and Java servlets. The features of the JSP 2.0 and Servlet 2.4 specifications make developing web applications easier than ever before. JSP Expression Language (EL) provides a simple language for creating JSP pages and tags. In addition, by also using the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), you'll never have to use a Java scriptlet or write spaghetti code again. Beyond covering the JSP and Servlet APIs, this book shows you how to choose and implement the best persistence option for your web applications; how to secure your web sites against malicious attack and accidental misuse; how to improve the performance and scalability of your JSP pages; and how to architect and design your applications to be reliable, stable, and maintainable through the use of design patterns and best practices. Finally, no JSP book would be complete today without looking at the role that open source projects such as Ant, Struts, XDoclet, JUnit, and Cactus can play in making your web development even easier.The following steps set up a JAASRealm on Tomcat 4.x-5.x (on a Windows machine) to authenticate with an NT domain. ... Once youa#39;ve downloaded the login modules, add the path to the NTSystem.dll file to your $PATH environment variable. ... This line looks as follows: # Login configs login.config.url.1=file:${java .home}/lib/security/tagish.login Then move the ... NTPrincipalaquot; /agt; We tested this setup and configuration on a Windows XP machine, and everything worked smoothly.

Title:Pro JSP
Author:Matt Raible, Sing Li, Dave Johnson, Daniel Jepp, Sam Dalton, Simon Brown
Publisher:Apress - 2003-09-18


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