Pro Objective-C

Pro Objective-C

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The Objective-C programming language continues to grow in popularity and usage because of the power and ease-of-use of the language itself, along with the numerous features that continue to be added to the platform. If you have a basic knowledge of the language and want to further your expertise, Pro Objective-C is the book for you. Pro Objective-C provides an in-depth, comprehensive guide to the language, its runtime, and key APIa€™s. It explains the key concepts of Objective-C in a clear, easy to understand manner, and also provides detailed coverage of its more complex features. In addition, the book includes numerous practical examples--code excerpts and complete applications--that demonstrate how to apply in code what youa€™re learning. The book begins with an exploration of Objective-C's basic features and key language elements. After reviewing the basics, it proceeds with an in-depth examination of the Objective-C dynamic programming features and runtime system. Next the book covers the Foundation Framework, the base layer of APIs that can be used for any Objective-C program. Finally, new and advanced features of Objective-C are introduced and shown how they make the Objective-C language even more powerful and expressive. Each topic is covered thoroughly and is packed with the details you need to develop Objective-C code effectively. The most important features are given in-depth treatment, and each chapter contains numerous examples that demonstrate both the power and the subtlety of Objective-C. Start reading Pro Objective-C and begin developing high-quality, professional apps on the OS X and iOS platforms using the Objective-C programming language! What youa€™ll learn Objective-C fundamentals and key language elements Objective-C runtime system Foundation Framework APIs Objective-C advanced language features Xcode Essentials Debugging with LLDB Who this book is for This book is geared towards intermediate to advanced developers who already have some Objective-C experience and want pro-level coverage of the language, including advanced Objective-C features, recent additions to the language, and practical usage of its core frameworks and APIs. It's also great for those developers not familiar with Objective-C that have done some C programming and also understand object-oriented programming concepts. Table of Contents Getting Started Using Classes Objects and Messaging Memory Management The Preprocessor Expert Section - Using ARC Runtime System Runtime Architecture Expert Section - Using the Runtime APIs Foundation Framework General Purpose Classes Foundation Framework System Services Foundation Framework Specialized Services Foundation Functions and Data Types Expert Section - Error Handling Blocks Objective-C Literals Concurrent Programming Key-Value Programming Appendix A: Language Elements Appendix B: Xcode Xposed! Appendix C: Using LLDBThe Objective-C reference counting model is implemented by taking ownership interest in an object (via a retain message), ... A weak reference is a nona€” owning relationship; that is, the object declared as a weak reference is not owned by theanbsp;...

Title:Pro Objective-C
Author:Keith Lee
Publisher:Apress - 2013-09-03


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