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The majority of applications for probate that follow someone's death can be dealt with inexpensively by any reasonably intelligent person with time available and a little guidance. This easy-to-follow book clearly explains all the information you need to administer the deceased's estate; from dealing with the urgent practical matters to preparing and submitting the relevant forms, paying inheritance tax, and distributing the estate. You'll find specimen forms and letters and a list of useful addresses that will enable you to deal with it all yourself.An exception to this general rule is contained in Section 33 of the Wills Act1837 ( as amended). ... atthe testatora#39;s death, will takeeffect asa bequesttothe descendant who is livingat the testatora#39;s death, unless the willshows a contrary intention.

Author:Gordon Bowley
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-06-01


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