Problems of Nonlinear Deformation

Problems of Nonlinear Deformation

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Interest in nonlinear problems in mechanics has been revived and intensified by the capacity of digital computers. Consequently, a question offundamental importance is the development of solution procedures which can be applied to a large class of problems. Nonlinear problems with a parameter constitute one such class. An important aspect of these problems is, as a rule, a question of the variation of the solution when the parameter is varied. Hence, the method of continuing the solution with respect to a parameter is a natural and, to a certain degree, universal tool for analysis. This book includes details of practical problems and the results of applying this method to a certain class of nonlinear problems in the field of deformable solid mechanics. In the Introduction, two forms of the method are presented, namely continu ous continuation, based on the integration of a Cauchy problem with respect to a parameter using explicit schemes, and discrete continuation, implementing step wise processes with respect to a parameter with the iterative improvement of the solution at each step. Difficulties which arise in continuing the solution in the neighbourhood of singular points are discussed and the problem of choosing the continuation parameter is formulated.The Continuation Method Applied to Nonlinear Problems in Solid Mechanics E.I. Grigolyuk, V.I. Shalashilin ... W = w(0)/R at the middle point (3 = 0) of a hinged arch under uniform pressure during symmetric deformation of the arch. ... A dot- and-dash curve 2 corresponds to the same method but with a step w(0)/R = 0.0025.

Title:Problems of Nonlinear Deformation
Author:E.I. Grigolyuk, V.I. Shalashilin
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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