Proceedings of the 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition

Proceedings of the 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition

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The 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference centers on the theme of 'Racing into the 21st Century' . The conference proceedings include contributions from GM Racing, Daimler Chrysler Corp., Ford Motor Co., Auto Research Center - Indy, Delphi Automotive, Toyota Racing Development, Lawrence Technological University, Hallum Racing, Cornell University, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Metz Engineering a Racing. This set includes papers from the following sessions: Chassis, Tires and Wheels; Safety; Vehicle Dynamics; Advances in Engine Manufacturing Science; Engine Research and Analysis; Engine a Transmission; Aerodynamics; Design Process.Contents: Effectively Approaching and Designing a Suspension with Active Damping; Sports Prototype Race Car Optimization; Motorsport Valley and the Global Motorsport Industry: The Development and Growth of the British Performance Engineering Cluster; Multi-Aspect Solutions for Testing Race-Car Models; The Air Flow about an Exposed Racing Wheel; Performance Automotive Applications of Pressure-Sensitive Paint in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel; An Angle of Attack Correction Scheme for the Design of Low Aspect Ratio Wings with Endplates; On the Near Wake of Rotating, 40 per cent-Scale Champ Car Wheels; The Effects of Wing Aerodynamics on Race Vehicle Performance; Improvements to Maximize Power in a Restricted 2002 Formula SAE Base Engine; Racing Applications and Validations of a Hard Carbon Thin Film Coating; The Reduction of Parasitic Friction in Automotive Gearbox and Drive Train Components by the Isotropic Superfinish; Advanced Ceramics in Formula 1 Wheel, Clutch and Gearbox Rolling Bearings; Summary of Results of Development and Validation of Hot Honing System to Provide Improved Engine Performance; Design, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car Chassis; Development of the Swift 014.aRacecar for the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship Series; Dynamic Traction Characteristics of Tires; Use of Instrumented Earplugs to Measure Driver Head Accelerations; Sled Test Evaluation of Racecar Head/Neck Restraints; Mathematical Modeling of Crash-Induced Dynamic Loads on Race Car Drivers; The Use of Dashpots in the Prevention of Basilar Skull Fractures; Track Simulation and Vehicle Characterization with 7 Post Testing; Design of Formula SAE Suspension Components; Testing a Formula SAE Racecar on a Seven-Poster Vehicle Dynamics Simulator; Design of Formula SAE Suspension; Aerodynamic Effects on Indy Car Components; Lateral Aerodynamics of a Generic Sprint Car Configuration; Use of Designed Experiments in Wind Tunnel Testing of Performance Automobiles; Parametric Design of FIA F1 Engines; Exhaust System Design for a Four Cylinder Engine; Parametric Design of FIM WGP Engines; Prediction of Formula 1 Engine and Airbox Performance Using Coupled Virtual 4-Stroke and CFD Simulations; The Effect of Nanoparticle Additions on the Heat Capacity of Common Coolants; Comparison Between Formula 1 and CART Engine Performance Based on Acoustic Emission Analysis; A Liftless Electronic 100ms Shift System for Motorcycle-Engined Racecars; Driver Restraint Systems: Assuring a Rational Level of Driver Safety; ATD Neck Tension Comparisons for Various Sled Pulses; Advances in Fire Protection for Critical Vehicle Components; Design a Analysis of Composite Impact Structures for Formula 1 Using Explicit FEA Techniques; Strategies to Evaluate Power Output in Racing Engines.Case Study: 2002 World Offshore Class 1 Regulations; Formula 1 Engine Evolution Analysis Using the Engine Acoustic Emission; Acquisition and Analysis of Aerodynamic Loads on Formula 3 Racing Car Wings Using Dynamometric Load Cells; The Impact of Non-Linear Aerodynamics on Racecar Behavior and Lap Time Simulation; Aerodynamic Test and Development of the Corvette C5 for Showroom Stock Racing; Experimental a Computational Simulations Utilized During the Aerodynamic Development of the Dodge Intrepid R/T Race Car; Wake Studies of a Model Passenger Car Using PIV; GPS EsThe 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference centers on the theme of a#39;Racing into the 21st Centurya#39; .

Title:Proceedings of the 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition
Author:Society of Automotive Engineers
Publisher:SAE International - 2002


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