Profane Friendship

Profane Friendship

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Growing up in Venice in the 1930's, Niles O'Hara, the son of an expatriate writer, befriends a Venetian boy, Giangiacomo Gallieni. After the war, Niles and his family return, and he becomes involved in a kind of semi-affair with his childhood friend, who is now an adolescent with a wartime history of sexual trespass. Searching, comic, romantic, and ironic, Profane Friendship is a remarkable study of a strange, provocative, powerful relationship conducted in the matchlessly human-scaled, triumphantly beautiful setting of the world's most alluring city.Listening to him, Ia€”You know how the water churns if a number of motorboats pass close by each other on the Canalazzo among the echoing ... It was like that for me with him. I say, a€œWow . . . Bow-wow . . . You are a gay dog . . .a€ a€œYes, a€ he said. a€œWe coupled like dogs. Like dogs. ... He laughed his Italian laugh, not his actora#39;s soulful laugh: a€œAh, you naAmve wonderboys, you imperialists, you break my heart .

Title:Profane Friendship
Author:Harold Brodkey
Publisher:Random House - 2010-12-15


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