Professional Writing

Professional Writing

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At the cutting edge of successful business and technology ventures are individuals who can use writing effectively to persuade, sell, instruct and explain. Whatever your expertise, strong writing skills will increase your chances of professional success. How well prepared are you for the challenges of professional communication? This third edition - now with a new chapter on writing for the public - is a comprehensive and engaging guide to writing for business, industry and technology. Based on research in the field, it covers all the major writing needs of the workplace, preparing you to communicate effectively with management, clients, peers and the wider public. You will understand how to: a€c Analyse your audience and the requirements of a project, and plan your document a€c Research a topic successfully using both print and electronic sources a€c Present technical topics to non-specialist readers a€c Write and format business reports, proposals and magazine articles a€c Work collaboratively in teams a€c Edit your own and others' texts for style and grammar This book will build your expertise and increase your confidence as a professional communicator, through the explanation of communication principles, analysed examples, and practical activities.If this desired effect is not achieved, it most likely means that the writer or speaker did not accurately assess the readera#39;s dispositions or the situation in which the ... What is the most appropriate medium for the audience, purpose and genre?

Title:Professional Writing
Author:Sky Marsen
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-10-09


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