Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C

Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C

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New in the second edition: * MPLAB X support and MPLAB C for the PIC24F v3 and later libraries * I2CTM interface * 100% assembly free solutions * Improved video, PAL/NTSC * Improved audio, RIFF files decoding * PIC24F GA1, GA2, GB1 and GB2 support Most readers will associate Microchip's name with the ubiquitous 8-bit PIC microcontrollers but it is the new 16-bit PIC24F family that is truly stealing the scene. Orders of magnitude increases of performance, memory size and the rich peripheral set make programming these devices in C a must. This new guide by Microchip insider Lucio Di Jasio teaches readers everything they need to know about the architecture of these new chips: How to program them, how to test them, and how to debug them. Di Jasioa€™s common-sense, practical, hands-on approach starts out with basic functions and guides the reader step-by-step through even the most sophisticated programming scenarios. Experienced PIC users, including embedded engineers, programmers, designers, and SW and HW engineers, and new comers alike will benefit from the texta€™s many thorough examples, which demonstrate how to nimbly sidestep common obstacles and take full advantage of the many new features. ! * A Microchip insider introduces you to 16-bit PIC programming the easy way! * Condenses typical introductory qfluffq focusing instead on examples and exercises that show how to solve common, real-world design problems quickly * Includes handy checklists to help readers perform the most common programming and debugging tasksLearning to Fly the PIC 24 Lucio Di Jasio. Table 9.1: The HD44780 instruction set Instruction Code Description Execution time RS R/W DB7 DB6 DB5 DB4 DB3 DB2 DB1 DB0 Clear display 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Clears display and returns cursor anbsp;...

Title:Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C
Author:Lucio Di Jasio
Publisher:Elsevier - 2011-11-07


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