Programming Informix SQL/4Gl

Programming Informix SQL/4Gl

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This beginner's guide to developing applications using Informix SQL and 4GL is designed for those with some programming experience, but little to moderate experience with databases and/or Informix. It serves as a comprehensive, single-source tutorial on database design, Informix SQL, and Informix 4GL--showing developers how to design, create, maintain and write applications for a database system.For INFORMIX-SE use the INFORMIX-SQL statements: check table alt;table nameagt; t repair table alt;table nameagt;; and the ... For INFORMIX-SE backups you may use standard UNIX utilities to backup and to recover your Informix database files.

Title:Programming Informix SQL/4Gl
Author:Cathy Kipp
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1995


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