Programming Interactivity

Programming Interactivity

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Ready to create rich interactive experiences with your artwork, designs, or prototypes? This is the ideal place to start. With this hands-on guide, youa€™ll explore several themes in interactive art and designa€”including 3D graphics, sound, physical interaction, computer vision, and geolocationa€”and learn the basic programming and electronics concepts you need to implement them. No previous experience is necessary. Youa€™ll get a complete introduction to three free tools created specifically for artists and designers: the Processing programming language, the Arduino microcontroller, and the openFrameworks toolkit. Youa€™ll also find working code samples you can use right away, along with the background and technical information you need to design, program, and build your own projects. Learn cutting-edge techniques for interaction design from leading artists and designers Let users provide input through buttons, dials, and other physical controls Produce graphics and animation, including 3D images with OpenGL Use sounds to interact with users by providing feedback, input, or an element they can control Work with motors, servos, and appliances to provide physical feedback Turn a usera€™s gestures and movements into meaningful input, using Open CVThe object of interest can be a pen, a hand, or the user themselves. ... It analyzes mouse or Wiimote movements that you make while dragging the mouse or while holding the A button of the Wiimote down. ... It cana#39;t, however, tell the difference between a square and a circle or recognize diagonal gestures, and it doesna#39;t pay anbsp;...

Title:Programming Interactivity
Author:Joshua Noble
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2012-01-12


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