Programming Sound for DOS and Windows

Programming Sound for DOS and Windows

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Mozart on your PC? You bet! Give your computer personality with this dynamic book/disk set - add speech and music to your C applications for DOS and Windows. Learn to write programs, applications, demos, and utilities that speak in your own voice. Then, catch a passerby's attention with text and graphics that move in synchronization with the playback of sound. With this book you'll be able to write programs that support .WAV files, .VOC files, .SND files, .TS files, .S files, and MIDI files. To incorporate sound into your applications you need: the Microsoft or Borland C compiler, the Windows operating system for Windows programs, the MS-DOS operating system for DOS programs. All the program examples are explained step by step in easy-to-follow language.The MAKEexe.bat File The directory c: \spSDK\SampMS\ includes the file MAKEexe.bat. This batch file contains the compile /link (cl) command line for compiling and linking with the Microsoft C compiler. Here is the listing of MAKEexe.bat:anbsp;...

Title:Programming Sound for DOS and Windows
Author:Nathan Gurewich, Ori Gurewich
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1993


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