Progress in Solid State Chemistry Research

Progress in Solid State Chemistry Research

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The book on solid state chemistry presents studies of chemical, structural, thermodynamic, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties and processes in solids. Research areas include: bonding in solids, crystal chemistry, crystal growth mechanisms, diffusion epitaxy, high-pressure processes, magnetic properties of materials, optical characterisation of materials, order-disorder, phase equilibria and transformation mechanisms, reactions at surfaces, statistical mechanics of defect interactions, structural studies and transport phenomena.The thermal evolution of Xm follows the Curie- Weiss law at temperatures higher than 30K, with Cm= 4.34 cm K/mol and 0= ... coth(To/T) and T0= [2JS(S+1)]/k, k is Boltzmana#39;s constant, N is Avogadroa#39;s number, and (3 is the Bohr magneton.

Title:Progress in Solid State Chemistry Research
Author:Ronald W. Buckley
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2007


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