Project Management for Mining

Project Management for Mining

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Before You Ever Put the First Shovel in the Grounda€”This Book Could Be the Difference Between a Successful Mining Operation and a Money Pit Opening a successful new mine is a vastly complex undertaking entailing several years and millions to billions of dollars. In todaya€™s world, when environmental and labor policies, regulatory compliance, and impact on the community must be factored in, you cannot afford to make a mistake. So the Society for Mining, Metallurgy a Exploration has created this road map for you. Written by two hands-on, in-the-trenches mining project managers with decades of experience who bring some of the worlda€™s most successful, profitable mines into operation on time, within budget, and ethically, Project Management for Mining gives you step-by-step instructions in every process you are likely to encounter. Beginning with a discussion of mining ethics and governance, this clearly written handbook walks you through all the project management stepsa€”defining the scope, performing prefeasibility and feasibility studies, gaining societal acceptance, minimizing the impact and risks, creating workable schedules and budgets, setting in place the project execution plan, assembling the human resources, hiring the contractors, and establishing project controlsa€”and then on into the delivery of the engineering and design, construction, progress reviews, pre-launch commissioning, and ramping up for operation. Each chapter includes several useful aids such as figures, checklists, and flowcharts to guide you through every step, from conception through successful opening.The term substantially complete is more typically reserved for the full project, that is, when all systems have achieved practical completion. subsystem: A logical ... at design levels for the predicted life of the mine. system: A usable or operable unit within the project facility, capable of being run as a standalone unit. ... Terms of Reference (ToR): Terms that describe the purpose and structure of the project.

Title:Project Management for Mining
Author:Robin J. Hickson, Terry L. Owen
Publisher:SME - 2015-01-16


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