Proper Form, Pure and Simple

Proper Form, Pure and Simple

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Here's a guide for English grammar that reads as easily as a story. It is a fresh, simple approach to the basic fundamentals of proper English form. The author, an experienced, accomplished thirty-year business executive enjoying a second career as a university instructor, is in sync with the reader early through interesting stories and illustrations. He takes the reader on a personal, one-step-at-a-time journey through proper form. Proper Form, Pure and Simple targets the bright individual who got a slow start in English grammar and has never been able to move ahead. It is designed to communicate in understandable terms with the learner who is unsure of his or her language skills. It reaches out to the hesitant, on-the-job professional whose upward mobility requires using proper form. A careful study of this handbook will allow the bright individual to emerge from the embarrassing shadows of poor grammatical structure. This small primer has the power to pump confidence into the student who dreads writing or speaking because of the fear of making grammatical errors. It can rescue the talented executive who is marooned on a plateau because of the lack of skill with written and spoken language. This guide will enable the learner to gain a competitive advantage in a world that demands and rewards the use of proper form.Adjective: a word that modifies (describes) a Noun by telling which one, what kind, or how many A spotted pony = an Adjective telling which ... How much is that doggie in the window? ... See how a€œanda€ connects the Words men and women?

Title:Proper Form, Pure and Simple
Author:Horace N Robinson
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2012-01-09


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