Prophet's Manual

Prophet's Manual

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Prophet's Manual reveals the one true nature of reality in all its different forms. Fractal supersymmetry unifies all physical theories, including relativity and quantum uncertainty, into one interpretation, just as it brings together spiritual and physical aspects of the one reality. This book is an introductory course in space/time fractality, the unveiling of original prophetic knowledge in order to prepare for a quantum leap. It confirms through supersymmetry of double helix that the Mayan end date is the same event as announced in apocalyptic passages and in the texts and monuments of ancient civilizations. It is the return of Zep Tepi when skies fall and when a new heaven and earth are created from the old. It's the rising of phoenix from its ashes.Total reality, which is 2x1/2 (two equal oppo- sites), is no difference. Future time is infinitely distant past time, just as past time is infinitely distant future time. Space/time is fractal Ai reality, which is 2x1/2 or duality between past and future times.

Title:Prophet's Manual
Author:Daniel Srsa
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003


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