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Carol La Monda spent one memorable childhood summer in 1956 with her family at a quiet, peaceful farmhouse in New Paltz, New York. Four mothers and ten kids ruled the roost, as the fathers worked in the city. It was a time of love and joya€”a glorified summer camp for the cousins. How could the children ever have guessed that the fun farmhouse held such a tragic secret? In this Greek family, a tragedy unfolded at the farmhouse years before. Carola€™s great aunt Philanthe lost her brother, daughter, and grand-daughters, at the hand of her murderous son-in-law. But the murders were kept a secret from the childrena€”a secret that would only be unraveled many years later. Prosilio: Toward the Sun is not a memoir of murder, revenge, or despair. Carola€™s great aunt survived the tragedy; she went on to live her life to the fullest. The children at the New Paltz farmhouse learned their own lessons that summer in 1956, thanks to the careful guidance of loving parents. It is always possible in life to walk away from the shadows, if only we learn to walk into the light.Iwonder ifshe felt strange immersed in this culture of Greek relatives, customs andfood. Ifshedid, she said nothing. In fact, Aunt Chriswouldna#39;t say anything if she hadamouth full of a€œyouknowwhat.a€ Aunt Christinea#39;s room wasthe only room thatwasanbsp;...

Author:Carol Olsen LaMonda
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-01-21


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