Prostate! Prostate! Prostate, a Problem of Men

Prostate! Prostate! Prostate, a Problem of Men

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PROSTATE! PROSTATE! PROSTATE! A Problem of Men, is an easy to read, informative, caring and compassionate journey of understanding of man's prostate, one of man's most important organs, bearing the responsibility for reproduction and making of new babies, yet very susceptible to potentially fatal diseases. This book explains the value of the prostate and the risks it faces, taking you on that journey with the authors, a prostate cancer survivor and a renowned urologist. You may turn back, jump forward, or repeat specific chapters as you journey. Every chapter is specific in it own rights. ---------------- One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 20% of them will die from it. Almost every man will have some form of problem with his prostate during his life. More than 95 percent of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the women in their lives, find themselves wanting to understand more about available treatment options, before they make their decision for choice of treatment. This book fills that information void by providing an abundance of information in an orderly fashion and helps with the understanding, education and relief. ------------------ The book was written to encourage men to get a regular medical check-up (yearly) and to take action quickly when they are diagnosed with a prostate problem, particularly prostate cancer. It describes what's needed to be known after a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, including therapeutic options. It is written for the benefit, reading pleasure and learning of all men, and all women who have men in their lives. ------------------- Part I of the book (five chapters) addresses health habits and self-care, leading into nurturing the prostate and the benefits of nutritional supplements. ----------------------- Part II (five chapters) is about the Prostate, the major role it plays in your reproductive system, the diseases that can affect the prostate and your quality of life. ---------------------- Part III (10 chapters) deals with prostate cancer diagnosis, the steps taken to confirm that cancer is present, and its severity. --------------------- Part IV (seven chapters) deals with managing the condition, including your behavior tendencies, denial, breaking the news to family and friends, changing lifestyle and what the women in your life can do to help. -------------------- Part V (nine chapters) addresses the alternative treatment options, including the newest ones, after effects, and making the selection regarding treatment. --------------------- Part VI (nine chapters) addresses the surgery experience, hospital admission, treatment, what to expect, post-hospital care, subsequent visits to your urologist and finally recurrent cancer and salvage therapy. ------------------- Part VII includes the glossary, resources and index.The development of ultrasound transducers started with the work of French physicist Paul Langevin (1872 a€” 1946). During ... Then together with his brother Francis Fry and Regional C. Eggleton, they developed a transducer system that culminated in clinical treatment of neurological disorders, ... How Does HIFU Work?

Title:Prostate! Prostate! Prostate, a Problem of Men
Author:Harold Usher, Joseph Chin
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2008


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