Protection of Chemical and Water Infrastructure

Protection of Chemical and Water Infrastructure

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The chemical a water sectors are 2 of the sectors that if attacked by terrorists could have a debilitating impact on the nation. There are 4, 000 chemical mfg. facil. that produce, use, or store more than threshold amounts of chem. that pose the greatest risk to human health a the environ. There are 53, 000 community water systems a more than 2, 900 maritime facilities that are required to comply with security reg. This report provides info. about what fed. require. exist for the chem. a water sectors to secure their facil., what fed. efforts were taken by the agencies for these sectors to facilitate sectors' actions, what actions selected facil. within these sectors have taken a whether they reflect a risk mgmt. approach, a what obstacles they faced in implem. enhanc.Figure 2 Detail of Rapid Start Fluorescent Lamp Usually argon or a mixture of inert gasses at low pressure. Krypton is sometimes used. Figure 3 Fluorescent Lamp Nomenclature F 40 T12 / ES ... Usually made of single-coil tungsten wire. ... Fluorescent lamps require a ballast to regulate the electric current through the lampanbsp;...

Title:Protection of Chemical and Water Infrastructure
Author:William O. Jenkins, Jr.
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 2005-09-01


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