Protein Transfer and Organelle Biogenesis

Protein Transfer and Organelle Biogenesis

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Protein Transfer and Organelle Biogenesis is a seven-section volume focusing on the property of proteins to carry signals for secretion, mitochondrial assembly, and lysosomal localizations. It describes how these signals function and determines other factors necessary in building and maintaining the functions of a cell. Organized into seven sections encompassing 19 chapters, the book deals with the general aspects of protein translocation, modification, and sorting. It discusses the transport into the endoplasmic reticulum, the role of carbohydrates in glycoprotein trafficking, and the mechanism of endo- and exocytosis. It further discusses the localization of proteins to the mitochondrion and nucleus and with bacterial protein transport. The final section emphasizes the contribution secretion research that the biotechnology industry has made to the production of proteins. Biologists, cell biologists, researchers, teachers, and students who are interested in the mechanism of protein transfer and organelle biogenesis will find this book invaluable.Such experiments suggest that as few as 14-17 amino acids of a stop transfer domain are sufficient for full function. When reduced to 8a€”12 amino acids these domains still appear able to direct proper membrane orientation, but their stability inanbsp;...

Title:Protein Transfer and Organelle Biogenesis
Author:Rathindra C. Das
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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