Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Proteins and Nucleic Acids

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The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 6: Proteins and Nucleic Acids provides information pertinent to the nucleic acids and the regulation of the expression of this information. This book presents the processes by which the nucleic acids are finally expressed as proteins. Organized into 14 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the overall structure of eukaryotic genomes, with emphasis on higher-plant DNA. This text then examines the enzymes involved in the cleavage and degradation of DNA. Other chapters provide a critical assessment of eukaryotic nucleic acid polymerases. This book discusses as well some examples from plant mitochondrial systems. The final chapter deals with two special areas of plant biology where the expression of the nucleic acids is seen in striking relief, the formation of plant tumors, and the growth and expression of plant viruses. This book is a valuable resource for plant biochemists, molecular biologists, senior graduate students, and research workers.The soluble or stroma phase of the chloroplast contains proteins necessary for the enzymatic conversion of CO2 to ... begins with an overview of the general classes of chloroplast proteins and the environments in which they function. ... which must be overcome for protein Synthesis and polypeptide transport and processing will become apparent. The remainder of the chapter brings together major concepts developed in recent years concerning nucleusa€”chloroplast cooperativity inanbsp;...

Title:Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Author:Abraham Marcus
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-10


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