Prototype Bridge Structures

Prototype Bridge Structures

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This definitive reference volume provides a comprehensive guide to the analysis and design of bridge structures worldwide. The in-depth consideration given to the major analytical, numerical and design issues associated with prototype structures will reduce the effort and expense involved in future construction. The book contains numerous analytical and design examples drawn from existing structures worldwide as well as an extensive bibliography and a large appendix which covers background analyses and computer subroutines. Prototype Bridge Structures will provide invaluable guidance for practising engineers, researchers, designers, technologists, mathematicians, and specialists in computer aided techniques of construction. Prototype Bridge Structures contains the following sections: An introduction to the different types of bridges and their components - Diagrams, charts and tables are used to clearly indicate the functional aspects of various bridge components, including superstructure, substructure, foundations, bearings, railings and expansion joints. An in-depth study of operational research on bridges - This overview aims to evaluate bridge types and establish a procedure which will enable a designer to choose which type is best suited for a given situation. A thorough review of international codes on bridges - This look at international design differences will assist designers to compare methods across national borders. A comparison of the available methods of analysis - This section will allow the reader to choose which method of analysis suits them and includes numerous examples to demonstrate the applicability of a method to a given situation. An overview of methods of design - This section considers all types of bridge calculations based on international codes, supported by numerous case studies and design examples. A consideration of suspension and cable-stayed bridges - This comprehensive section includes case studies, a literature survey, structural details, material technology, vehicular and environmental loading, analytical/design treatment of cable stays, towers, superstructures, substructures and foundations. A look at structural detailing of prototype bridges - This section brings together information presented in previous sections to enable a practical application to the bridge structure.151-190, 153-156 truss bridges 174-175 railings costs 214 loads 321 materials 214 pedestrian 92, 93 traffic 92, 93 railways analysis methods 397-398, 397 bridges dimensions 274, 275 hingeless/three hinge comparison 779 Pratt trusses 776anbsp;...

Title:Prototype Bridge Structures
Author:M. Y. H. Bangash
Publisher:Thomas Telford - 1999-01-01


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