Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope

Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope

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Imagine you are in prison for a crime you did not commit. You cannot believe what has happened to you and you're certain the system will correct the error. Five years later and you're still behind bars. Are you still certain? What would you do to survive day after week after month locked up with some of the most dangerous people you'd ever meet? People who have been wrongfully convicted tell stories of hope, redemption, and how they continued to believe the system that put them behind bars would eventually find them innocent. From prison yard gardens to contraband cooking to family visits, qPruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hopeq gives you a glimpse of life inside some of America's prisons and shares how each exoneree survived, and in some cases thrived, and prevailed against overwhelming odds.Stories of Surviving Wrongful Conviction Courtney B. Lance, Nikki D. Pope ... On a rainySunday night in March 1994, a young man was gunned down on a street in South Central. Earlier that ... Victor triedtodefuse the situation and assured therobber they didnotwant any trouble, but the robber thought they were stalling.

Title:Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope
Author:Courtney B. Lance, Nikki D. Pope
Publisher:Post Hill Press - 2015-02-24


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