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Enrich Your Understanding of the Book of Psalms with Rose's Psalms ebook. Explore this most beloved book, by learning the who, what, when and where about these favorite Bible passages. Discover the 10 different types of Psalmsa€”from Psalms of Lament to Psalms of Thanksgiving, and learn how to effectively read these beautiful scriptures. This Psalms Bible study covers the basics everyone should know in order to fully unlock, appreciate, and learn from these heart-filled cries. Check Out These 6 Fantastic Features of The Psalm Bible Study. a€c Includes a great background summary of the Book of Psalms a€c Covers the 5 major and 5 minor a€œTypesa€ of Bible Psalms a€c Explains 3 key characteristics of Hebrew poetry a€c Provides 3 practical ways of reading the Book of Psalms a€c Features helpful charts that give tons of facts at a glance. a€c Shares insightful commentary on popular Psalms, such as Psalm 13, 23, and 100 1. Includes a great background summary of the Book of Psalms, covering thea€” a€c Cultural and Historical Background of the Book of Psalms a€c Authors of Psalmsa€”from David to Korah and more! a€c Dates of the Psalms a€c Structure and division of the Psalms into specific collections/books. a€c Purpose of biblical Psalms 2. Covers the 5 major and 5 minor a€œTypesa€ of Bible Psalms Most of the time we read the psalms in a devotional way. But, sometimes we may want to explore a given psalm more deeply. Knowing the a€œtypea€ or a€œgenrea€ of a Psalm sheds light upon its purpose and meaning. This handy ebook describes the different types of Psalms and gives sample verses for each, such as the hymn of praise, psalms of lament, songs of thanksgiving, and more. Perfect for Bible study, adult Sunday school lessons, and homeschool curriculum. 3. Explains 3 Key Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry Learn how to read, experience, and appreciate the Psalms as beautiful poetry. In this section, the Psalms ebook describes, explains, and provides examples of the different types of poetic techniques used, such as terseness and parallelism. Find out the 3 different types of parallelism used throughout the Psalms and how they affect the Psalmsa€™ meaning. 4. Provides 3 practical ways to read the Book of Psalms Learn 3 ways to read the Psalms and the unique benefits for each method. Includes how to read it devotionally, theologically, and communally. 5. Features helpful Psalms Comparison Charts that Give Tons of Facts at a Glance. This ebook includes visual aids that give you loads of informationa€”at a glance. Includes handy charts on how the Psalms were collected into different books, how the Psalms foreshadowed the coming of Jesus Christ, and more! 6. Shares insightful commentary on popular Psalms, such as Psalm 13, Psalm 23, and Psalm 100 Gives a brief explanation and commentary on some of the most popular Psalms. Plus, it gives key historical insights on each and shows how to apply the Psalms to our lives today. The book of Psalms can transform our minds by teaching us new and exciting things about our awesome God; it can transform our hearts by giving us words to understand strong and complex feelings; and it can transform our spirits by pointing us to the right way to praise God through our words and actions. Learn more the beloved Psalms with this amazing study!9 7 8 1 5 9 6 3 6 7 3 6 4 All rights reserved. ... Download catalog and sign up for Rose Bible eCharts at www.rose-pub| una#39;. r win , gliiom sum w; swim- iii. Enter Coupon. P U B L I S H I N G Title: Psalms Product Code: 255X ISBN-13: anbsp;...

Author:Rose Publishing
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2013-12-10


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