Psycho, The Birds and Halloween

Psycho, The Birds and Halloween

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Horror films come in a wide variety of styles and subject matter. Three of the most intimate explorations of terror are examined in this study. Intimate in terms of settings (small towns and an isolated motel) and in the emotional links between the characters and the terrors they face. In Psycho, Norman Bates is a darker reflection of his victim Marion Crane and her lover Sam Loomis. They share frustrations, fears and compulsions, albeit at different levels of intensity. In The Birds, Melanie Daniels and her new acquaintances in Bodega Bay share emotional problems which can impel them to act in destructive ways that are echoed, and then overwhelmed by violence from the natural world. Halloween features a monster, Michael Myers, who has more in common with one of his victims, heroine Laurie Strode, than is evident at first glance. Beyond the link between normality and the violently aberrant, all three films give glimpses of emotional intimacy that is threatened and sometimes tragically destroyed by horror.She rolls up the windows to keep the birds out. But there is no key in the ignition. They are trapped. Attacking crows surround them. The fallen girla#39;s face is badly bloodied. Melanie honks the car horn several times to scare off the birds.

Title:Psycho, The Birds and Halloween
Author:Randy Rasmussen
Publisher:McFarland - 2013-12-13


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