Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior

Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior

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Over 2 million students have learned psychology from Dennis Coon. Serving as a guide and mentor to students, Coon uses humor and everyday analogies to make abstract concepts concrete, such as the cerebral cortex looks like a giant, wrinkled walnut. Using a consistent pedagogical structure, the author helps students learn psychology by using the tested principles of Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. In addition, he helps them to master psychology with a fourth R, Relate, which requires them to relate their new knowledge to their own experience, helping abstract ideas to become concrete. The book uses a chunking principle, asking students to read major sections, then review them, before they go on. As the new title of the book indicates, PSYCHOLOGY: A MODULAR APPROACH TO MIND AND BEHAVIOR (formerly called ESSENTIALS OF PSYCHOLOGY) is now modular, and is the medium-sized text in a three-book set authored by Dennis Coon. By separating the chapters into modules, this edition goes even further in chunking content for student mastery. This text covers the basic set of topics but differs by having two chapters on development, a separate chapter on Gender and Sexuality (Chapter 15), and a concluding chapter on Applied Psychology (Chapter 17). The book is frequently described as fun because it presents topics that are of interest and relevance to students, relates it to their lives, and provides many engaging applications that students can use in their own lives. For teachers who want a book that students will read, enjoy, and savor Coon's text is the perfect choice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.Stimulus Control Link only sleep with your bedroom so that it does not trigger worrya€c Insomnia may be temporary or chronic. ... to sleep, try instead to keep your eyes open (in the dark) and stay awake as long as possible (Horvath aamp; Goheen, 1990). ... Chronic insomnia exists if sleeping problems last for more than 3 weeks .

Title:Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior
Author:Dennis Coon
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2005-07-13


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