Psychology A2

Psychology A2

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The unique approach of this book is that it provides comprehensive coverage of only the most popular areas of the AQA A A2 specification: relationships, pro- and anti-social behaviour, biological rhythms, cognitive development, social and personality development, evolutionary explanationsof human behaviour, psychopathology, treating mental disorders, plus issues, debates and approaches. This core textbook offers students the opportunity to improve their grades and have their very own expert to take home the friendly examiner - The Complete Companion!M ost organisms have an internal biological a#39;clocka#39; that matches the time passage of the 24-hour day and can ... In the same way that a normal clock helps you to plan your activities, a biological clock helps animals to anticipate an event (e.g. the coming of night). ... The main reason for the change of opinion was the discovery that exposure to bright light suppresses melatonin production ( Wevereta/., 1983). ... When light is sensed, the production Light does not just affect the SCN.

Title:Psychology A2
Author:Mike Cardwell, Cara Flanagan
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2003-09-01


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