Psychology in Context

Psychology in Context

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To be the most comprehensive neuroscience introductory psychologybook, every chapter contains much new research and cutting-edgecoverage, all accessibly presented with engaging real-world examplesthat make the material relevant and interesting to students. Studentslearn the connections between the various fields of psychology in theirintroductory course by using Kosslyn /Rosenberg 3e. They alsounderstand the science behind psychology while being motivated tolearn with student-friendly pedagogy and real world examples.Students will understand the scientific method, how to think criticallyabout research, and how to draw inferences from the results.90. Figure 2.11, p. 64: From Kosslvn, 1994a. p. 225. Data from Weisberg. 1980. cited in Chambers et al., 1983, p. 371. Figure 3.1, p. ... 195: Reprinted with permission from H. P. Roffuarg, ). N. Muzio, and ... Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Copyright ... Adapted from Johnson-Laird, 2001, p. 441. ... 422: Computer programmed by Goldenberg and colleagues ( 1999); examples from Angier (1999).

Title:Psychology in Context
Author:Stephen Michael Kosslyn, Robin S. Rosenberg
Publisher:Allyn & Bacon - 2006


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