Pulp Bleaching Today

Pulp Bleaching Today

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This book describes the most effective application of chemicals in bleaching. It starts with a brief overview of the history of bleaching and then focuses on recent developments. The ban of chlorine from bleaching pulp has shifted bleaching to environmentally sound procedures. Elementary Chlorine Free bleaching (ECF bleaching) and Totally Chlorine Free bleaching (TCF bleaching) are explained. The potential of different bleaching chemicals is exemplified in detail with a special focus on what to do and what to avoid. Very recent knowledge about the sources of yellowing is utilized to explain the ideal strategy for the removal of chromophores and their precursors. Emphasis is placed on applicable bleaching, in clear contrast to sophisticated, complicated or simply expensive pseudo modern bleaching. The target of this book is to explain the potential and the limitations of different chemicals and to demonstrate the necessity of comprehensive solutions for an environmentally sound use of the raw material wood, of chemicals, and of water in the production of pulp with top quality and yield. This book should educate students in the art of bleaching, assist mill personal in their continuous effort for process optimization, helps research and technology managers to successfully select their targets, and be on hand as reference of the most recent bleaching technologyIn delignifica- tion the moderate aggressiveness of hydrogen peroxide can be a disadvantage, however, it turns into an advantage if the improvement of ... In the past, therefore, hydrogen peroxide bleaching was often labeled as being a€œlignin conservinga€. As the ... Side chains are cleaved and quinones are oxidized to more water-soluble carboxylic acids. ... This process is simple, does not require a high investment but allows only limited control or modification of the final brightness.

Title:Pulp Bleaching Today
Author:Hans Ulrich Suess
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2010


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