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Love, lies and legaciesa€b Megan Donovan has the man she wants, forever. The trouble is every time she suggests they take their relationship a step further he balks at the idea of commitment. But after three years, her need for a family is too great to ignore. Megan must decide if she can wait hoping for Nick to change his mind, or if ita€™s time to move on. Nick Morgan lives on borrowed time. When his twenty-eighth birthday arrives the carefree lifestyle he maintains will expire. Being a ski bum in Breckenridge was supposed to be his chance to sow wild oats before becoming the next Morgan corporate giant. Nick didna€™t count on finding the love of his life. Hea€™d take Megan back east with him, but she isna€™t the kind of girl that would be happy in his world. Nick cana€™t ask her to give up paradise for the cruel complications of his family. When the truth about Nick is revealed Megan is faced with a choice. And when she makes it, she and Nick arena€™t prepared for the fallout.I have a birthday cake to make.a€ Nick glances over his ... Nick returns with a small box wrapped in red paper. He hands it to me, and I ... a€œBut nothing. I bought this a while ago with the intention of it being an engagement ring.a€ a€œOh, Nick. I cana#39;t.

Author:Violet Vaughn
Publisher:Violet Vaughn - 2015-09-15


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