Pursuing Jesus

Pursuing Jesus

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Basic discipleship in language anyone can understand for a new generation of believers. Answers the question, qIa€™m a Christiana€”exactly what does that mean and how do I do it?q a€c New believer's tool; youth a young adult a€c The basics of Christian living for a new generation of believers. a€c Addresses 15 questions new believers have. a€c Written in nonreligious language for teens and young adults, this pamphlet provides encouragement and practical tips for new believers to stay strong on their journey with Jesus. Questions include: I dona€™t feel holy or qChristian.q Do I really belong? It was really a rush at first but now I dona€™t feel the same. What happened? What happens when I sin? Is it all over? What's qquiet timeq? Why do I need it? What is prayer? How do I do it? Why is the Bible important? How do I read it? So why do I need to go to church? People keep talking about spiritual gifts. Do I get one? What's this thing about giving away my money? A lot of things scare me. What does the Bible say about fear? Ia€™m a Christian but I still have doubts. Is that OK? But if God loves me, why do bad things happen to me? Isna€™t Christianity the same as any other religion? Is Jesus the only way to be saved? Is there evidence that Jesus really died and rose from death? How do I know the Bible's reliable?For Bible Studies, Small Groups, New Member Classes Glossy, full color, 14a€“ page pamphlets with hundreds of facts. ... 9781596360013 The Lorda#39;s Prayer Jesusa#39; teaching about Goda#39;s will, sin, forgiveness, and assurance that God will provide for us. ... 24 reasons of abstinence: 12 biblical and 12 medical and emotional.

Title:Pursuing Jesus
Author:Rose Publishing
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2014-03-25


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