Putting Out the Fleece

Putting Out the Fleece

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The author describes the early life of his wife Martha in South Dakota, his own early life in rural Nebraska, their courtship and life together in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri. The son of a Lutheran pastor, he details the hardships of Depression-era life in the Midwest during and after the Dust Bowl. With a strong belief that his life was directed by divine guidance and protected by guardian angels, he recounts his experiences in parish life, through school and on the job before joining the Navy. Drawing upon technical training in mechanics and experience with the power plants of PT boats and other navel vessels, he builds a career in auto mechanics. As the family grows he tries his hand at entrepreneurship, first as owner of a repair station, then as proprietor of fast food businesses. As retirement approaches, he fulfills a long suppressed talent for carpentry and cabinetry. He describes the ups and downs of nearly 60 years of married life before the final decline and death of his beloved Martha. As patriarch of his six children, he portrays life in assisted living, declining health, reduced travel, and the blessings of great-grandchildren.A woman in our church was the secretary for the superintendent of transportation at a company in Denver called Associated ... who could be responsible for the care and upkeep of the premises, ranging from mowing and trimming to repairs outside the buildings. ... I developed a maintenance schedule based on mileage, and I monitored the vehicles on the parking lot closely, reading odometers often.

Title:Putting Out the Fleece
Author:Elmer H. Pullmann
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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