Python Pocket Reference

Python Pocket Reference

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Updated for both Python 3.4 and 2.7, this convenient pocket guide is the perfect on-the-job quick reference. Youa€™ll find concise, need-to-know information on Python types and statements, special method names, built-in functions and exceptions, commonly used standard library modules, and other prominent Python tools. The handy index lets you pinpoint exactly what you need. Written by Mark Lutza€”widely recognized as the worlda€™s leading Python trainera€”Python Pocket Reference is an ideal companion to Oa€™Reillya€™s classic Python tutorials, Learning Python and Programming Python, also written by Mark. This fifth edition covers: Built-in object types, including numbers, lists, dictionaries, and more Statements and syntax for creating and processing objects Functions and modules for structuring and reusing code Pythona€™s object-oriented programming tools Built-in functions, exceptions, and attributes Special operator overloading methods Widely used standard library modules and extensions Command-line options and development tools Python idioms and hints The Python SQL Database API... returns a corresponding match object ina€stance (mobj), or None if no match. flags is as in compile()., ... number-ofsubs-made). re.findall( pattern, string [, flags]) Returns a list of strings giving all nonoverlapping matches ofanbsp;...

Title:Python Pocket Reference
Author:Mark Lutz
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2014-01-22


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