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GApran Grimvall is determined to help mere mortals understand how scientists get to the kernel of perplexing problems. Entertaining and enlightening, his latest book uses examples from sports, literature, and naturea€”as well as from the varied worlds of sciencea€”to illustrate how scientists make sense of and explain the world around us. Grimvall's fun-to-read essays and easy-to-follow examples detail how order-of-magnitude estimation, extreme cases, dimensional analysis, and other modeling methods work. They also reveal how nonscientists absorb these concepts and use them at home, school, and work. Grimvall's simple, elegant explanations will help you tap into your inner scientist. Read this book and enjoy your own qAha!q moment.How much we talk to other people may be a measure of social competence, and so is the number of people we a#39;a#39;know.a#39;a#39; The word a#39;a#39;knowa#39;a#39; requires a clarification. Let it mean that when two persons meet, they both immediately remember the other persona#39;s full name. ... How many people do you know, with this definition? As with the example ... Even larger is the number of people we meet during a lifetime.

Author:Göran Grimvall
Publisher:JHU Press - 2011


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