Quantitative Data Analysis with Minitab

Quantitative Data Analysis with Minitab

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Quantitative data analysis is now a compulsory component of most degree courses in the social sciences and students are increasingly reliant on computers for the analysis of data. Quantitative Data Analysis with Minitab explains statistical tests for Minitab users using the same formulae free, non technical approach, as the very successful SPPS version. Students will learn a wide range of quantitative data analysis techniques and become familiar with how these techniques can be implemented through the latest version of Minitab. Techniques covered include univariate analysis (with frequency table, dispersion and histograms), bivariate (with contingency tables correlation, analysis of varience and non-parametric tests) and multivariate analysis (with multiple regression, path analysis, covarience and factor analysis). In addition the book covers issues such as sampling, statistical significance, conceptualisation and measurement and the selection of appropriate tests. Each chapter concludes with a set of exercises. Social science students will welcome this integrated, non mathematical introduction to quantitative data anlysis and the minitab package.It is fairly easy to detect a pattern in a variable when, say, we have data on ten cases. ... FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS Imagine that we have data on fifty-six students regarding which faculty they belong to at a university (see Table 5.1). ... data relating to a nominal variable such as this (since each faculty constitutes a discrete category) is the construction of a frequency distribution or frequency table.

Title:Quantitative Data Analysis with Minitab
Author:Alan Bryman, Professor of Social Research Alan Bryman, Duncan Cramer
Publisher:Routledge - 2003-09-02


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