Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

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This book has been written specifically to support shorter courses in statistics and quantitative methods, and aims to make accessible to students what is commonly perceived to be a very difficult subject. It provides revision for basic mathematical numerical skills, examines some simple statistical techniques, and introduces some basic quantitative modelling techniques. Each chapter is written in such a way as to be complete in its own right and approximately match a week of the study programme a€“ students will be able to pick up this book at any point and make sense of the topic being covered.Key to this book is its excellent pedagogy. Learning objectives and outcomes are provided at the start and end of chapters; many worked examples are included throughout the chapters, with first-rate explanations; and numerous end-of-chapter questions are provided, with excellent accompanying answers. The result is an accessible, user-friendly, worked example-oriented guide to quantitative methods for students in many disciplines who may only ever need to take one course in the subject.Where there is a gap in a mathematical graph you can often deduce what the missing values are by using algebra. ... It is true that you might infer a trend from the data, but the actual data for that particular case cannot be deduced from the graph. Whilst you may have to draw simple charts by hand, it is usual, and more convenient, to use Excel, or a similar package, to create these statistical graphs.

Title:Quantitative Methods
Author:Jon Curwin, Roger Slater
Publisher:Cengage Learning EMEA - 2007-08-31


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