Quantum Big Bang Cosmology

Quantum Big Bang Cosmology

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A highly technical book describing a new Cosmology for the Beginning of the Universe as well as diverse related topics such as Quantum Field Theory, Tachyons, Quantum Coordinates and Dimensions, Inflationary Cosmology, complex space-time, complex General Relativity, the dodecahedral shape of the universe and so on. The intended audience is cosmologists, physicists, mathematical physicists, mathematicians, and graduate students in those areas.They suggest that the universe has a spherical shape with 120 (three- dimensional) spherical dodecahedrons (with edge angles of ... Luminet et al proposed that each of the 120 faces of these spherical dodecahedrons is mathematically glued to its ... Spherical dodecahedra can tightly fit together so the tiling of the hyspherical surface of the 4-dimensional ball does not have any a€œ gapsa€ between the tiles.

Title:Quantum Big Bang Cosmology
Author:Stephen Blaha
Publisher:Pingree-Hill Publishing - 2004-01


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