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When his mentor and guardian, Rosa, is kidnapped in Central Africa, Dyron Gates discovers that she was not just a world renowned archeologist as he had been led to believe, but something more - a double agent for the British Intelligence service and a member of the mysterious organization known as La SociActAc du Louvre. Now, while helping on an archeological expedition in Greenland, he finds connections to his mentor's mysterious disappearance as well as the reason why she was kidnapped - the three medallions of Quetzalcoatl. Armed with an unrelenting drive and the help of his closest friends, he must first uncover the power of the medallions, and then find out who or what is La SociActAc du Louvre.Both men walked down the end of the corridor and into a room that dwarfed the meaning of the word elegance. It was a golden ... science, everything we know to be true upside down and spin it around in a twirl of miimaginable confirsiorr. For gravity is not gravity, and reality is not reality, for only we make it so.a€ a€œWhat do youanbsp;...

Author:Jenier Elias
Publisher:Little, Green Group Publishing - 2013-09-11


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