Quick, Find a Ring!

Quick, Find a Ring!

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Three Weddings a a Hurricane She Hid Her Secret Wella€b The world knew Bentley Brewster as Mrs. Carter DeHaven, and that suited her fine. She could face her relativesa€”even her mother!a€”knowing she'd be safe from their matchmaking nonsense. And with her sister's wedding and the incoming hurricane to distract them, maybe her family wouldn't notice some tiny details about Bentley's marriage. Like the fact that Carter didn't exist. Too Well. Okay, maybe Bentley should have let Carter in on her little secret. But how could she have guessed that the husband she'd invented from thin air would have the nerve to show up in the flesh?Have a baby just to get the money?a€ a€œDamn straight. It wouldna#39;t mean I wouldna#39;t ... It doesna#39;t make you a bad person.a€ a€œIt doesna#39;t make me Saint Joan, either. ... You got the silver spoon when you were born. No shame in that. Ita#39;s not the money.

Title:Quick, Find a Ring!
Author:Jo Leigh
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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