Quick Look

Quick Look

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Quick Look: Genetics reviews four main areas of medical molecular genetics: molecular aspects of human genetics, Mendelian inheritance, mapping and cloning of human genetics, and clinical aspects of human genetics. One quick glance at a composite figure and reading a succinct description of important concepts will help the reader to recall many details of inherited genetic diseases, including their molecular bases and their impact on the human population. A list of abbreviations is included, and one hundred and thirty-two USMLE-format review questions and answers are provided for self-assessment.Preservation of the diploid chromosome number in human cells is accomplished during the process of meiosis, in which gametes are produced with a ... More than 1 million possible combinations of alleles can be produced by a single individual. ... The cells at this stage have 23 chromosomes, random with respect to their ... Many chromosome abnormalities result from mistakes that occur during meiosis.

Title:Quick Look
Author:Patricia A. Hoffee
Publisher:Hayes Barton Press - 2004-10


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