Quilt or Innocence

Quilt or Innocence

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Retired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman knows everything there is to know about quilts, except how to make them. But with her recent move to Dapple Hills, North Carolina, shea€™s learning all sorts of new thingsa€”including how to solve a murdera€b As the newest member of the Village Quilters Guild, Beatrice has a lot of gossip to catch up ona€”especially with the Patchwork Cottage quilt shop about to close. It seems that Judith, the landlord everyone loves to hate, wants to raise the rent, despite being a quilter herselfa€b But when Judith is found dead, the harmless gossip becomes an intricate patchwork of mischievous motives. And ita€™s up to Beatricea€™s expert eye to decipher the pattern and catch the killer, before her life gets sewn up for good. Includes quilting tips!Ia#39;m making hummingbird nectar and I was thinking about a lot of different things.a€ a€œHummingbird ... with all she had to gain. a€œI hate to ask, a€ said Piper, a€œbut if youa#39;re fitting making nectar so easily into your schedule, are you possibly a little bored?

Title:Quilt or Innocence
Author:Elizabeth Craig
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-06-05


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