Quirky Qwerty

Quirky Qwerty

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The story of the keyboard begins with ancient hieroglyphs and reaches to the very recent, committee-designed Euro symbol. This text tells the story of each character on the computer keyboard, as well as the multitude of additional marks that cannot be found on the keys but can still be typed by anyone using a computer. Drwaings, poems and notes are used to tell where the keyboard's quirky layout came from and to illustrate the history of each letter, number, sign and symbol we encounter in everyday written communication.The cedilla is the little hook placed under the letter c in order to pronounce it as an 5 as in the word facade, which would sound extremely risque if you pronounced it ... How can you easily make a distinction between a short a and a long one?

Title:Quirky Qwerty
Author:Torbjörn Lundmark
Publisher:UNSW Press - 2002


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