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Dogs now dominate the $55-billion-a-year pet business in the US. Dog products, dog services, dog admiration - okay, let's call it dog worship - has become totally over the top, with doggie treadmills, dog swimming pools, caffeine-free doggie coffee, doggie massage, dog perfume, aromatherapy, hair coloring, and yes, doggie tattoos that would have seemed outlandish a generation ago when applied to your everyday household Rover. But Rover isn't called Rover anymore, he's called Rufus. Or Lola, according to the Tumblog Hipster Puppies. In fact, all Top Ten Dog Names are people names. And the canine Rufus doesn't stay home alone all day; he goes to Doggie Daycare. Eats brightly-frosted martini-shaped doggie treats. Wears designer tutus. Gets married on the beach. Has... Well, you'll see. With hilarious full-color photos throughout, Rabid holds a humorous mirror up to our dog-centered society, helping us laugh at our own behavior and at the even-more-insane antics of all those other dog people.Nathana#39;s hot dog treats a#39; Newmana#39;s Own organic cheese treats Bacon-flavored microwaveable popcorn Pizza with real ... or gluten a#39; Red-velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing a#39; Foie grasa€”flavored ice cream a#39; Mini cinnamon Bundt cakes anbsp;...

Author:Pamela Redmond Satran
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2012-12-20


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