"Race" and Early Childhood Education

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This book explores the prominence of 'race' in the lives of young children and their early childhood educators. It critiques the often presumed racial innocence of young children and shows instead how young children actively engage with the politics of race as they form their own identities. It challenges early childhood educators to engage with children's racialised identity politics, and shows how this often requires early childhood educators to rethink their own racialised identities. Amongst the challenges the book presents it offers points of possibility and hope for creating more racially just early childhood classrooms.... to at the show, a€ a€œhave for a cousin, a€ a€œwant to live near you, a€ a€œwant to come to your house for a long visit, a€ and a€œlike to take to towna€ (p. ... Ranking scales. . . cross-ethnic comparisons on personality assessment devices, analysis of sociometric interactions, ... are biased against other groups (e.g., Kircher and Furby, 1971; Stevenson and Stewart, 1958; van Ausdale and Feagin, 2001; Zinser et al., 1981).

Title:"Race" and Early Childhood Education
Author:Glenda Mac Naughton, Karina Davis
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2009-08-04


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