Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War

Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War

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Ranging across fiction and poetry, critical theory and film, comics and speeches, Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War explores how writers, thinkers, and filmmakers have tackled the question: Are nuclear weapons white? Paul Williams addresses myriad representations of nuclear weapons: the Manhattan Project, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear tests across the globe, and the anxiety surrounding the superpowers' devastating arsenals. Ultimately, Williams concludes that many texts act as a reminder that the power enjoyed by the white Western world imperils the whole planet.... the Bomb was first used against yellow-skinned Japanese, not white Germansa#39;. 20 a#39;Simple and the Atomic Bomba#39;, first ... gotten so accustomed to mistreating Negroes at home in the past that it is hard for them to care about what colored folks in ... He said, a#39;I guess that will teach you little black bastards to get on my grass.

Title:Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War
Author:Paul Williams
Publisher:Liverpool University Press - 2011


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