Rachmanism in Ereshkigal

Rachmanism in Ereshkigal

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The Lilith series continues as she had barely escaped her universe sliding through the cosmos to settle in her new universe and, after accepting her new goddess role with all its powers, form her new throne. She forms her new trinity by adding Sabina and Medica to her godhead. Once prepared to govern her new galaxy, she shockingly discovers that many empires of evil control the majority of her solar systems. She attacks the Gormlaith and discovers they also control solar systems in one of her neighboring galaxies. She ventures to this galaxy and pleads her case to the god that sits upon that throne. From this bloodbath appears the Great Queen ?????????, who had assassinated her husband to remove his evil coup. Upon her death, her granddaughter Queen Dceralsky falls victim to a tortuous overthrow. After their victory, Lilith rewrites the laws of the heavens and hosts the marriages of Queen Dceralsky and Princess Dceralsky. Afterwards, Lilith returns to rebuilding her galaxy by attacking the empires created by the Lebonite Brothers, followed by the T?donl? Empire. Lilith is called to the universe's throne along with her flame, the god Bogovi. Before this throne she declares that the previous gods of Ereshkigal were evil. The only way this throne can punish these previous gods is if she declares Rachmanism, which gives the throne power to destroy them, which creates all-out war with the forces of evil. The evil forces quickly overwhelm them as Lilith proceeds to greet her demise.Slowly they slid through the soft ice veins and manually laser blasted the hard ice packs, melting large packets of ice, creating large caverns or air pockets, as the air rushed in to fill them. They were making it pretty good when the last blast shot anbsp;...

Title:Rachmanism in Ereshkigal
Author:James Hendershot
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-09


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