Radiative Heat Exchange in the Atmosphere

Radiative Heat Exchange in the Atmosphere

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Radiative Heat Exchange in the Atmosphere analyzes the concerns in thermal radiation and the radiation balance of the earth's surface and of the atmosphere. The text first covers the basic definitions and concepts, and then proceeds to discussing the development of basic theories of actinometric measurements of thermal radiation fluxes. Next, the selection deals with the absorption of long-wave radiation in the atmosphere. In the fourth chapter, the title covers the solution of the problem of radiative heat transfer in the atmosphere. Chapter 5 details the examination of the approximate methods of calculation of thermal radiation fluxes, while Chapter 6 discusses the problem of the atmosphere and the net radiation at the ground. The seventh chapter tackles the radiation balance, and the last chapter covers the features of the methods and the results of calculating temperature changes caused by radiation. The book will be of great use to researchers and practitioners of astrophysics and meteorology. Ecologists and other environmental scientist will also benefit from the text.do. Consequently, we have 2x zt/2 P 2 G(P) = 1.019 x 10-8| dp ... 0 0 Rewriting this expression we obtain */2 P G(P) = a€“ 27 A— 1.019 A— ... (5.50) 0 0 The equations (5.49) and (5.50) have been found, however, to be inconvenient for use in charts.

Title:Radiative Heat Exchange in the Atmosphere
Author:K. Ya. Kondrat'Yev
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-03


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