Rags To Retirement

Rags To Retirement

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Wondering where youa€™re going to get the $1, 000, 000 experts say you need to retire? Join the crowd. Meet 12 ordinary people who found ways to meet their retirement goals, without sizable nest eggs. Authors Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman describe the journeys these people took to achieve their dreams and the setbacks they experienced along the way. a€œYes, you can retire. Learn how others did it, and how they are living the good life on less.a€-Evan Simonoff , editor in chief, Financial Advisor a€œReal world! Real people! A must read. You can learn how people like yourself made the most of their retirement savings.a€-James A. Barry Jr., CFP chairman of the Barry Financial Group and host of Jim Barrya€™s Financial Successon PBS a€œIa€™ll tell you whata€™s so good about Rags to Retirement, what distinguishes it from the long catalogue of damnably boring fi nance books out there. Ia€™ll tell you why it matters. Simple really. Ita€™s about story, not accounting. Ita€™s about people, not money! People like you and me. Wea€™re not rich, never will be. We should have taken Economics 101, but we took Latin or geography, and now wea€™re facing our golden years with trepidation and empty pockets. Well, take heart, folks. We dona€™t need a million in the bank, but we do need to live creatively. Thata€™s the lesson in these refreshing and moving stories of people whoa€™ve led hardscrabble lives and have somehow managed to settle with dignity and independence into their golden years. And we can do it, too! Rags to Retirement: such stuff as dreams are made on.a€-John Dufresne, author of Deep in the Shade of Paradise Husband and wife team Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman are the authors of Rags to Riches, which made two best-seller lists and was featured on Oprah and CBS?s The Early Show. They are syndicated fi nancial journalists whose columns appear in the Boston Herald, Palm Beach Daily News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Scripps Howard newspapers. Their work has been featured or quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Money, Redbook, and Bloomberg. They are also the authors of The Complete Idiot?s Guide to Making Money with Mutual Funds, Third Edition.The ongoing cost of repair can really take a bite out of peoplea#39;s pocketbooks. When we talked with them, they had one car, a 1997 Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle, which had just 48, 000 miles. They had driven a 1980 Plymouth Champ until their 1993 retirement and had driven their 1984 Toyota Camry until they sold it inanbsp;...

Title:Rags To Retirement
Author:Gail Liberman; Alan Lavine
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-12-17


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