Rags To Riches

Rags To Riches

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Who wants to be a millionaire? Who doesna€™t? From magician to manufacturing magnate, fi nancial columnist to real estate investor, poet to college dropout, here are the profi les of 17 ordinary people who started with nothing-and became millionaires!These are stories of people who overcame poverty or in some cases middle class lifestyles to single-handedly beat overwhelming odds and achieved fi nancial success. They may not all be household names, but their stories can serve as an inspiration to us all. Praise for Rags to Riches: a€œThere are as many paths to fi nancial success as there are people who want to achieve it. This book shows that wealth is within the reach of just about anyone.a€ -Tom Siedell, Managing Editor, Your Money a€œThe most extraordinary thing about Rags to Riches is that it affi rms how ordinary people have this tremendous, innate ability to achieve success and generate wealth if they put their minds to it.a€ -John E Wasik, Author, Retire Early and Live the Life You Want Now a€œRags to Riches: Motivating Stories of How Ordinary People Achieved Extraordinary Wealtha€ goes well beyond the quick-fi x guru guidebooks to explore effective, longterm strategies that systematically build wealth. Ita€™s fascinating, candid look at how every day, people reach their goals by turning challenge into opportunity.a€-Marla Brill, Publisher, Brilla€™s Mutual Funds Interactive www.brill.com a€œA fascinating and instructive collection of biographies.a€ -Evan Simonoff, Associated Publishedr/Editor-in-Chief, Financial Planning a€œNow readers everywhere can discover what Palm Beach Daily News readers have learned: Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine know everything there is to know about personal wealth-how to get it and how to grow it. Gaila€™s weekly column in our paper tells affl uent readers how to manage their fortunes. This book takes a step back and tells readers, in the words of millionaires whoa€™ve been there and done it, how to acquire a vast personal fortune.a€ -Linda Rawls, Editor, Palm Beach Daily News Husband and wife Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman know money. They are syndicated fi nance columnists and authors based in North Palm Beach, Florida. Their joint columns run weekly in the Boston Herald, on America Online, and in numerous newspapers. They are frequent guests on radio and television as well as columnists for Fundsinteractive.com and Quiken.com. Alan and Gail are the authors of Love, Marriage a Money, as well as the bestseller, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money with Mutual Funds.The couple left Dallas in 1998 for Cincinnati to be near Procter aamp; Gamblea#39;s headquarters. Thus, after a life of heavy traveling, Paul was able to travel a bit less, although he still has to check his schedule before ... Cheryl adds that since they have become empty nesters, they have made a conscious decision to give up the heavy maintenance costs that go with a pool and a large home. ... a€œI lost a company car when we moved, so we also bought a new Honda Accord, a€ Paul added.

Title:Rags To Riches
Author:Gail Liberman; Alan Lavine
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-12-21


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