Rampant Raider

Rampant Raider

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A member of Light Attack Squadron 212 s qRampant Raiders, q A-4 pilot Stephen R. Gray writes about his experiences flying combat sorties from the deck of an aircraft carrier during one of the most intense periods of aerial combat in U.S. history. From the perspective of a junior naval aviator, Gray reveals the lessons he learned first at the Naval Aviation Training Command and then in actual combat flying the Skyhawk from USS Bon Homme Richard in Vietnam. Training strengthens commitment, Gray points out, allowing ordinary men like him to fly dangerous missions. Readers will discover how circumstances created heroe--heroes who managed to overcome their personal fears for a greater cause--and how, despite the lack of public support for the war, the men remained committed to one another. The book addresses how men react to service during contentious political times to offer lessons relevant today.The tractor towed the target at two hundred knots, so the gun airplanes had a threehundred-knot speed advantage on it. As the ... then rolled and dove toward the target, pulling the gun sight down the tow cable until it reached a point roughly halfway between the banner and the tractor. ... The T-2 did not have a lead-computing gun sight, as did the real fighter planes of the day, so we had to improvise.

Title:Rampant Raider
Author:Stephen Gray
Publisher:Naval Institute Press - 2013-05-11


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