Rat Runners

Rat Runners

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Four young criminals. One simple task: steal a mysterious box from the daughter of a dead scientist. They have to follow her, bug her phone, hack her computer, search her home, all without her knowing. But WatchWorld run this city now. On every street are cameras, X-ray scanners, microphones. Terrifying Safe-Guards can see through walls, hear your heartbeat, analyze the smell of your sweat. Their motto? If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear. But Nimmo, Scope, Manikin and FX, who work in the blind-spots of the city's shady underworld, are soon caught in a maze of deception, treachery and murder... will they make it out of the rat-runs alive?REESED. FX Folded his console as he saw his older sister approaching the minivan. The server controlling the cameras in the underground level oF the car park would stay oFFIine For another ten minutes a€” plenty oF time to get out 0F there.

Title:Rat Runners
Author:Oisin McGann
Publisher:Random House - 2013-03-07


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